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    Pete Kalenik is committed to safeguarding our communities.

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    Pete Kalenik is a Patrolman and Field Training Officer in the Chicago Police Department. Throughout his career, he has protected families in one of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods. As a result, he has served at the forefront of Chicago's fight against gun violence and worked tirelessly to combat America's opioid epidemic.


    Pete is also an Infantryman and Captain in the Illinois Army National Guard. He originally joined the military under the National Call to Service program. Prior to earning his commission, Pete served as a Staff Sergeant and Civil Affairs Team Leader in the Army Reserve.


    Before embarking on a career in law enforcement, Pete volunteered as an AmeriCorps educator, teaching on Chicago’s Southside, at Visitation Catholic School. Additionally, Pete worked as a nonprofit professional, raising millions of dollars for community development programs, including support for advanced teacher training, after school activities, and Chicago's Safe Passage initiative.


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    Chicago Police Department

    As a Patrolman, Pete was responsible for safeguarding the city's Little Village and North Lawndale communities. As a Field Training Officer, he taught and mentored less-experienced officers in Chicago's "most violent" police beat. He was named the Most Outstanding Recruit at the Chicago Police Academy. His work has been recognized for addressing crime surrounding vacant housing. At the same time, Pete served as a liaison to Chicago's largest community-policing program involving youth and sports.


    Currently, Pete is the senior member of a district-level Mission Team. He also contributes to the city's Crisis Intervention Team, which helps citizens who experience mental health emergencies.

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    Illinois Army National Guard

    After being named the Best Soldier at Basic Combat Training, Pete was assigned as a paratrooper at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. While working in the Army's Chaplain Corps, he was awarded the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. After transitioning to the Army Reserve, Pete served as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the 308th Civil Affairs Brigade. Today, Pete is a Captain and Battalion Staff Officer in the 178th Infantry Regiment.

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    As a graduate of Chicago Public Schools, Pete understands the importance of educating our young people. This understanding motivated him to become an AmeriCorps educator with the Inner-City Teaching Corps. As a middle school instructor, Pete dedicated himself to creating an inquiry-based science curriculum at Visitation Catholic School. He also served as a youth football coach at the Chicago Park District's O'Hallaren Park and volunteered as an assistant basketball coach at The Faith Community of St. Sabina.


    He would later work on behalf of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation. In this capacity, he was an Education Organizer for the North River Commission and raised millions of dollars to support teacher training and after school activities. He also coordinated the campaigns for dozens of neighbors to serve as Local School Council representatives.


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    Loyola University Chicago

    Juris Doctor and Master in Public Policy

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    University of Illinois at Chicago

    Master in Urban Planning and Policy

    Pete enrolled at the University of Illinois at Chicago as a beneficiary of the Illinois Veteran Grant. His graduate thesis was entitled: "Municipal Contracting for Social Impact: Leave No Veteran Behind, Chicago Public Schools, and Safe Passage."

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    Northwestern University

    Master of Science in Education and Social Policy

    Pete enrolled at Northwestern University as a beneficiary of the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill. His graduate thesis was entitled: "Holistic School Reform: Understanding the Potential of Chicago's Local School Councils."

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    University of Chicago

    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

    Pete enrolled at the University of Chicago as a transfer student from Concordia University Chicago. His senior thesis was entitled: "The Congressional Franking Privilege: A History of Incumbent Advantage."

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